Before kitchen
With this page I want to help my future clients understand the process of what a Kitchen Remodel is and what you have to go through in the construction phase. This project went from what you see on the photo above to what you see on the right.

Of course you start with a design idea on paper. Then you show the finished design to a contractor, who will give you a construction bid on the project.

The photos below are all courtesy of my client, Arlene Kettering.

Finished kitchen

kitchen before

breakfast area before

cover stuff
Either you or your contractor will cover all the furnitures, books, etc. to protect against the construction dust and there will be lots of it.


This is how the kitchen looked before demolition. The traffic flow would cross the work triangle. Long walk from prep area to refrigerator.

Here is the breakfast area, very cramped and hard to utilize, they needed space for 4 people to sit comfortable and eat.

You will put "stuff" in boxes and try to find space for them. You need to determined how you are going to cook, when you have no working kitchen.

After you have cleared out your kitchen, and other rooms involved in the remodel, then the demolition begins.

Stud wall changed

breakfast area

cabinets going up

Granit counter top

This stage shows the drywalls have been removed and new stud walls being build.

At this stage the drywall is in and the electrical outlets are in, ready for plastering and painting.

Cabinets are going in, they need to be ordered many weeks before the project is ready for them.

At this stage the granit counter tops are being installed, the cabinets have to all be installed and level.

Appliances need to be decided on and ordered or decide if you are going to re-use existing appliances. The same goes for plumbing fixtures. They need to be chosen and bought several weeks before they are to be installed.

Appliance choices

Storage choices
Interior storage units for the cabinets need to be chosen before the cabinets are ordered.

more storage choices
There are many possibilities and make sure they work for your situation, something you really need to plan with your kitchen designer.