Instead of building a closet with sliding doors, use the space more efficiently by using cabinetry. It uses the space better and it is beautiful to look at. This is a maple cabinet with a shaker door design. Wardrobes in bed room Wardrobe open You can do all different configurations for the inside of the Cabinets. These are normal 24" deep cabinets, but could have been an upgrade and made 30" deep.
This area is used for the normal daily eating area. The one wall is used for desk area, plus extra storage for stuff you use at the desk. This is a very good storage space for the kids toys and school material. desk with tall storage Hutch cabinets This Hutch-like tall Cabinetry is build in the dining room. It gives you a lot of storage space for linens, vacuum cleaner, brooms, cleaning stuff, glass ware and wine storage etc. It is very decorative to look at especially with glass doors in the upper wall cabinets.
long hutch pantry storage pantry storage 1 White cabinet wardrobes

Hutch-like Cabinetry to match the client's Scandinavian teak furnitures.
The cabinet style was designed by me and made by a custom cabinet shop. Wood is teak and maple.

This was a wall of Pantry storage for the same client. Wood is teak and maple. A wall of Pantry storage and
wall ovens for another client.
This wardrobe unit was painted cabinets and a part of a big Master Bath room design